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My guitar's are loosely based on the Hauser design, in that they are similar in size, with a single top, however the 7 fan bracing pattern is quite different, and that is derived from John Bogdanivich's design. I laminate and finish the inside of the sides and I use solid linings. this creates great stiffness, as well as stability in the sides, it creates a moisture barrier, and as well, adds atheistic beauty. All my guitars use the traditional Spanish Heel design, this also aids in the transfer of vibration throughout the instrument.





I source my materials from many different places, through the contacts I've made over the years. I will never use anything other than top grade materials on my guitars. No matter how hard it may be to get, I will find a way to get it. A wiser Luthier than me once said. "If you make a guitar using "cheaper or lesser grade" wood, and it doesn't sound or play good, how will you know if it's because of the wood or not" So I only use the best materials, period.





All my guitars are finished using the time tested method of French Polishing. I start by applying 2-3 coats/sessions of epoxy to fill the pores, hand sanding it back in-between coats. Then I start the French Polishing process. Once I'm satisfied with the thickness of the finish I start wet sanding and polishing the finish to a high gloss, all done by hand. The result is a beautiful, deep, rich finish that minimizes the restrictions to the top that other finishes can do to a guitar.


Here is a video of World class Canadian Classical Guitarist Tariq Harb playing the first guitar I ever made...

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Current wait time for an instrument is approximately 8 months to one year. But could vary depending on what's in the queue.

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Josh - Ann Arbor, Michigan

 " It's a fantastic instrument--wonderful tone, dynamics, sustain, string separation, elegant craftsmanship, beautiful details. It's extraordinary! " 



Here's some links to a few of the fine people who I have, and still do work with.