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In an effort to better understand the dynamics of the sound of a true Concert Classical Guitar, and what makes one that, I had to dig deep, and actually learn all the subtleties of their construction. With the help of MANY skilled Luthiers (John Bogdanovich, David Wren, David Easser, Serge De Jonge, Tony Karol, Gord Barry) I was able to understand what it took as a builder, and have both sides of the equation. I know what a guitar should feel like, sound like, respond like. And I hope I can help you get "your" sound.  

I build one guitar at a time, and no two look the same.

Communication is Key

As a Custom Guitar builder, I will work closely with you to understand what it is you're looking for in an instrument, and together we will design a guitar that will become something that will be handed down for years to come.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your guitar will be guaranteed for as long as you own it, but things  such as neglect and improper storage will automatically void this warranty.


Here is a video of World class Canadian Classical Guitarist Tariq Harb playing the first guitar I ever made...

Details/Price List

Current wait time for an instrument is between 8 months to one year.

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Please contact me at your convenience.  I look forward to working with you.

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Josh - Ann Arbor, Michigan

 " It's a fantastic instrument--wonderful tone, dynamics, sustain, string separation, elegant craftsmanship, beautiful details. It's extraordinary! " 



Here's some links to a few of the fine people who I have, and still do work with.